Propane Proving... It's worth it! Propane is cheaper than gasoline and is cleaner burning. The latter fact means that truck and dispenser maintenance and emission problems are reduced.



About Us

Our fast mobile service will fix your Truck or LP dispenser with the best service out there.

We specialize in:

  •   LP Meter Repair on Retail/Re-sale Dispensers
  •   Liquid Meter Calibration
  •   Repairs on all styles of Standard and electronic meters/ dispensers
  •   We prove/calibrate meters for Bobtail Trucks
  •   Serving Propane Marketers across Southern California


Our Services

Southwest Proving eliminates the need to send your meter for calibration or repair by coming directly to you. We offer you peace of mind that your metering systems are delivering accurately and within County Weights and Measures standards.

Our proving equipment is self-sufficient. Any product that is used to test and calibrate your meter is returned back to your storage tank. Each one of our provers has a separate pumping system to return product back to your tank. All that we require is your delivery unit to have product measuring 20% by tank volume and we do the rest. All test results are recorded and reported to Weights and Measures within 24hrs. The typical time frame for meter calibrations depends on found accuracy. Propane meters usually take around 1.5/2.5 hours to complete a calibration. All meters are subject to industry standard testing to ensure government compliance.

We are fully mobile to accommodate the Propane Industry. We have the capability to calibrate your metering system. No longer will you require two service companies to perform these tasks. Our ability to be a “One Stop Operation” will save you money.

Customer Satisfaction/ Warranty

Southwest Proving warrants that all meter services that it performs for the customer will be performed by qualified and certified personnel and guaranteed for 60 days from date of service. The customer is obligated to monitor meters after inspection, calibration or service to ensure accuracy and report any discrepancies within 45 days.



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Phone: 714-746-7536

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Office Manager

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